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Castle Donington
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Castle Donington
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5 Star Hygiene Rating
5 star hygiene rating
Takeaway Menu

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Speciality Sandwiches

White / Wholemeal £4.50 - Wholemeal or white Baguette £5.50

  1. Best ham, sliced egg, tomato & mayo.
  2. Warm bacon, brie & cranberry sauce
  3. Roast chicken, Caesar dressing, cucumber, lettuce and parmesan.
  4. Hot pork, homemade stuffing & sweet chilli jam.
  5. Smoked salmon, cream cheese & black pepper.
  6. Prawn cocktail, iceberg, sliced egg & cucumber.
  7. Pork sausage, mature cheddar with apricot & red onion chutney
  8. Pastrami, sliced gherkin, spinach & mustard mayo
  9. Club sandwich, turkey, bacon, guacamole, sliced tomato & watercress
  10. Hot beef, Stilton & sweet red onion chutney
  11. Homemade chicken tikka with rocket and a yogurt and mint dressing
  12. Ploughmans, Derbyshire ham, mature cheddar, Branston, iceberg & red onion
  13. Cheddar crunch, with celery, spring onion & Mayo
  14. Egg Mayo and Avocado with black pepper
  15. Serrano Ham with Mozzarella, sliced tomato and fresh basil toasted sandwich
  16. Breaded Chicken with cucumber and garlic mayo wrap
  17. Awesome Avo - Avocado, English mustard, pine nuts, mango chutney & leaves

Or simply make your own ...

Ham, beef, chicken, pork, turkey, our own chicken tikka, smoked salmon, prawn mayo, stilton.

White / Wholemeal £3.80 - Ciabatta / Baguette £4.80

Tuna mayo, cheese, egg mayo, brie, mature cheddar, sliced egg, haslet, corned beef.

White / Wholemeal £3.60 - Ciabatta / Baguette £4.60

Sweetcorn, mixed salad, stuffing, avocado, apricot & red onion chutney, branston, coleslaw - 60p extra.

Feeling saucy??? ... Mayo, salad cream, lemon juice, mustard 0.00p! Horseradish, apple sauce, cranberry sauce, Caesar dressing - 30p extra.


Goats cheese with apricot & red onion chutney - £5.50
Chicken, bacon & cheese - £5.75
Tuna mayo, red onion & cheese - £5.50
Mozzarella, tomato, basil & black pepper - £5.50
Salami, mozzarella & sun-blush tomatoes - £5.75
Derbyshire Ham & Cheese - £5.50

Jacket potatoes

with ... cheese & coleslaw cheese & beans, tuna mayo

Prawn mayo, tuna mayo & cheese, our own chilli, our own chicken tikka from £4.30

Soup & Pasta
  • Soup of the day - £3.50
  • Pasta of the day - £6.00

  • Bacon cob or sausage cob - £3.50
  • Bacon & sausage cob - £4.30
  • Mushrooms, egg, beans or tomatoes - £0.75
  • Full breakfast in a tray - £6.50
  • Poached Eggs and Avocado on Rye- £5.00

Salad Boxes

We make up salad boxes to order from our freshly prepared salad bar.

Small salad box - £5.50
Large salad box - £6.50

Salads available:

  • Salad - Couscous, coleslaw, egg, potato salad, spring mix, beetroot, spicy beans, rice salads, pesto pasta
  • Burrito Bowl - Rice, beans, tomato, onions, sweet corn, avocado, chicken, piri piri and parmesan - £5.95
  • Superfood Salad - Spinach, pine nuts, beetroot, goats cheese and quinoa - £5.50
  • The Shaun - Gourmet scotch egg, leaves, olives, sun blushed tomatoes, cheddar & red onion chutney - £6.95

We pride ourselves on offering a wide choice of delicious and exciting foods of the finest quality. Every one of our sandwiches, paninis and salads are prepared fresh to order, on the day. We bake our baguettes in the shop every morning and source the best quality fresh ingredients to fill them.

Whether it's a bacon & egg roll for breakfast, a sausage roll to go with a hot cappuccino, a brie baguette at lunch time or a jacket potato filled with chilli & cheese to fill up during the day – No.11 deli caters for every taste.

If you are looking for the easy option then why not try our Catering Menu. We offer a huge variety of assorted platters, great for launch parties & business meetings.